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BarCode Scanner

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Two Connection Modes: 2.4 GHz wireless and USB 2.0 cable connection, barcode scanner with mini wireless receiver and USB cable (pls scan the corresponding barcode and wait seconds before change the connection mode).


Robust Design: Keep workable after falling 5ft/1.5m height to concrete ground, made of shock resistance cover.

High Decoding Speed: 300 scans/sec, about 3500 code storage in offline mode.Transmit Distance: Up to 2.4G-USB 30M/Bluetooth 10M.

Supported Language: English/French/German/Spanish/Italian etc.

Quicy Charge: 2 Hours of full charged, compatible with Windows XP, Windows 7/8/10, Android/IOS/MAC devices.

Data Capture: 1D; Cord and Cordless

High Scan Rate: 1502 scans per second; supports offline storage

High Accuracy: 1/50,000,000 of bit error rate; ?3 mil of resolution (0.0762 mm)v

Rugged Specs: 2 meters drops to concrete

Plug-and-Play and Easy Setup: Scanning the codes on the manual


SmartOmni Wired/wireless barcode Scanners are compatible with Windows XP, Windows 7/8/10


Tips for using these plug& go 2-in-1 scanners 

The manual is very important for any future settings, so please keep it carefully 

1. Wired and wireless mode SWITCHOVER 

Please scan the “Initialization setting” code on the manual (page 5) for wired use and “Serial Mode” code for wireless use. 

2. When the scanners need to be charged? 

Your scanners may be working fine since day 1 you got them, but one day your scanners beep when they scan barcodes but the codes cannot go into the computer. That is the sign of the low battery. 

3. Charging 

Please connect the RJ45 interface of the charging cable to the bottom of the scanner and the USB interface to the computer, or connect the 5V 500mA power adapter to the power socket. After connection, you'll see the red indicator on the scanner or the adapter is on. The charging time will be 2 to 3 hours. After fully charged, the indicator on the adapter will turn green and then scanner can work for 8 to 12 hours continuously.



1. The barcode scanner has been set well before delivery. It can be used directly. Please do not scan the bar codes in the manual optionally to test the scanner. In case of scanning the setting bar codes and abnormal condition occurs, please scan “Initialization Setting” bar code and “Serial Mode” bar code on page 4 to reset factory defaults. 

2. The wireless adapter should be connected to the fixed computer USB interface. Do not plug in or pull out the adapter frequently in order to help improving the working efficiency and avoid man-made damage. 

More settings like sleep time, language, function, add suffix or prefix etc, please see the manual directly. :)


Package Contents

1 Portable scanner

1 2.4Ghz receiver

1 User Manual

1 * USB Cable

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