What are Over-Ear Bluetooth Headphones?

To put it simply: the headset beam between the two units which can connect the two should be canceled, and be coupled with a well-designed hook to make it hang on ears.  Ear hanging is awesome because of the "hanging". Lacking "hanging", we are unable to call it a pair of over ear Bluetooth headphones; If the hanging design prevents the wearers from feeling comfortable, it becomes a design of failure, and is just superfluous.

The way of hanging ensures the reliability of user’s wearing (there is a saying that the ear hanging is designed for listening to music and working out). When mentioning the reliability I think it is necessary to say more: we tend to make the units bigger when it comes to the design of earplugs, to meet the needs of sound quality (in theory, the low frequency and sound field will expand after the units are larger and provide a greater frequency range to increase). However, large units make it hard for consumers to wear but ear hanging design makes the bigger size plug can also be firmly fit in the user's ear holes- this is particularly prominent in the latest product of Smartomi U8S SOLE V4.1 Bluetooth Headphones HD Stereo Sweatproof Earbuds.

There is an another world-renowned shortcoming for hanging earphone is the sound leaking. This point can be described as being congenitally deficient, because it is hanging on the ear, and can ‘t come so close to user's ears as the same as the headsets do, so it will inevitably cause sound leaking, and doesn’t sound not good if you go outside.

Every vendor has tried all ways solving this problem of lacking sounds. (The most outstanding problem is the low frequency sound missing, such as iron triangle designers think that since the loss of low frequency is inevitable, then simply do not put low-frequency hearing function in the whole design. So upon the use of this feature they produce a pair of over ear phones of almost no sense of low-frequency sounds. No matter how the various manufacturers are there to make earphones playing good voices. Not being soundproof is a trouble for over earphone users. It doesn’t not only exist in the hanging earphones also exist in the all non-deep ear plugs, and it just becomes somewhat obvious in the over ear headphones.

The market segmentation centers on young people and students. While young people have the habit of listening music in the outdoors, even over ear headphones can’t guarantee perfect sound quality when in loud situations.


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