The Carefully Selected Good Looking Multi-functional Over Ear Bluetooth Headset

The mini body is as small as a bean. Q5 True Wireless Bluetooth Ear Buds ergonomically improve the mold several times, effectively compressing the volume of the earphone to create a compact body just like a bean.


Lightweight, sporty and comfortable to wear, the Q5 true wireless Bluetooth headphones weigh about 18.5% lighter than the Over Ear Bluetooth Headset, helping to reduce the wearer's weight and let you feel as light as a flying bird. Anti-sweat, no fear of large amount of sweats, long-lasting, and 100% suitable for you to exercise in different environments, whether indoor fitness, or outdoor long-distance running, it can accompany you sweating and see your exercising work out journey. At the same time, the protection performance may decrease due to daily wear and tear, and damage due to immersion in the liquids is not covered by the warranty.

In-ear wear is comfortable, not easy to fall off. The ear hooks with a flexible and the slow rebound characteristics of the soft plastic material make your wearing experiences automatically rebound, allowing you to wear conveniently and comfortably and making it not easy to fall off. Even after doing strenuous exercises for a long time, you will not feel painful in ears.


Composite structure of the sound restores wonderful melodies. Copper voice coil unit, dynamic part of the high-quality copper enameled wire can effectively optimize the texture of high-frequency audio and improve the instrument part of the audio resolution, giving you more picturesque details. PET ultra-thin speaker diaphragm has a delicate audio performance, which can fully interpret the bass sound to vigorously vocal drums, restoring stunning low-frequency sound effects. Therefore, it gives you more magnetic bass spot experience.


The carefully selected good looking and crystal clear PC transparent material combined with the negative spraying process, portrays the beauty of the charming optical design. The skin-friendly material is wear-resistant and anti-oil. Nano-spray materials apply throughout the whole body, so it renders not only being anti-perspiration and anti-wear stains, also can gently wipe dirt. The touch of the coating gets so delicate, as comfortable as your skin.

This new package of these Bluetooth headphones upgrades the quantity and quality of ear tips, customers who received the old one can require a free extra set (S/M/L). And you can ask for the new ear tips whenever you need it such as the old one missing or broken. Hearing from our previous customer: Smartomi q5 ear buds have the option of using them in paid or you can use them as a single ear bud it all depends on the way you want to pair them and connect them to your device, so if you are using them as you desire as an independent or since ear bud you do have the option of charging them in dependently whenever you run out of battery on any one of them and vice versa . The battery life is close to 3 hours for playing music and receiving calls.