The emergence of beat noise canceling headphones provides a better solution for noise-distressed user groups, so noise reduction headphones are essential to a small number of users. With the increased needs of personal privacy space and requirement for improving the quality, noise reduction headset user groups are gradually expanding.


Seen from the working principles, noise reduction headphones can be divided into two categories: active noise reduction and passive noise reduction. Passive noise reduction headphones, in general, does not involve electronic circuits products and computing problems, so passive noise reduction headphones sound quality will not be affected. The volume is also a common type earplugs, and do not need the battery as a driving force, so long-term uses almost have no post-costs


Active noise reduction headphones, due to the use of electronic circuits running anti-string wave, can achieve the final effect. Its noise levels are stable, and its noise reduction levels are much higher than the passive noise reduction. At the same time, active noise reduction headphones can be made into a headset, making wearing more comfortable and easier. Of course, the active noise reduction headset can also be based on different uses of the environment and the noise different levels can calculate automatically to estimate the current appropriate noise reduction. The noise reduction effect is very good in this way.


If you are a flying trapeze, spending more time on the plane than on the ground, good active noise reduction headphones will be your choice. After all, active noise reduction headphones in the noise reduction effects function a lot better than passive noise reduction headphones. When it comes to active noise reduction headset battery purchase, I personally prefer dry battery power. Because now a size 7 battery has been enough to take the initiative when using the headphones for 30 hours, and I believe that busy air flying people don’t have time to manage the charges of those lithium batteries. Besides, on the plane lacking power of lithium battery, noise reduction headphones won’t work at all.


You should also hear from our former customer Imanni R: excellent quality for the price. Bluetooth works wonderful. Highly recommend if on a budget and want to get more than your money’s worth.

And another reviewer commented these are well made and decent looking wireless Bluetooth headphones by Smartomi. I was amazed to see the packaging and neat finish of the headphones. The headphones come with a travel sack. The headphones are adjustable and fit all head sizes. They are very comfortable for a long time. I use it for at most 2 hours and they are comfortable for me. As these are Bluetooth headphones they can work with any Bluetooth device. I use these with my iPhone 7 plus and they paired with it within seconds. It did not ask me for password. The sound quality is just amazing. These headphones have crystal clear and loud sound. The right headphone side has volume control feature. They came with audio cable and charging cable. You can use these with laptop or non-Bluetooth devices as well using the audio cable. They are foldable and become compact to fit into the handbag, gym bag or luggage I am enjoying my headphones so much. I am satisfied with this purchase and would highly recommend these headphones.


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