Reviews for Q5 True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds ( Black )

In addition to the headsets themselves, it needs integrated battery, Bluetooth module, battery, microphone, remote control and many other components to make a whole pair of wireless headphones. Being limited by the volume, most of the wireless headsets only can hold a large number of components in the earplugs, which may lead to the overweight, not working long enough, bad sound quality and other issues. That is the reason why there are so many wireless headphones on the market, only a few can balance being truly able to achieve in all aspects.


Due to the loss of Bluetooth audio transmission, the active noise reduction and sound interference, it’s difficult for the wireless headphones to ensure effective noise reduction under the premise of making good sound quality. Simply look at the sound quality, at such a price range, and only Q5 True in is able to achieve the task.


No matter it is resolution, sound field, dynamics, or low frequency dive, high-frequency ductility, Q5’s performance is clearly better than any previous ones. Even put it in traditional wired in-ear earphones, the sound level is worth more than the price they are sold now. The sound quality of the Q5 is better than some of the sounds I have heard selling over a hundred or more.

Look at some of our customer reviews:

Well I received smartomi headphones yesterday ran around the neighborhood and let the kids mess around with them. All I can say is BUY THEM you will be impressed by the sound quality and the sleek looks. I was a bit skeptical about there being no wires and how well they would stay in my ears and these little guys do the job - and do it VERY well. It almost feels like active noise cancelling earphones.

The SMARTOMI Q5 Wireless Headphones are a highly above-average mid-range wireless headphone. Note that I also own the Smartomi Boots, and these are the basis for my comparison (taking into consideration the price difference) Pros: - Wireless: The true wireless design makes these headphones extremely versatile and convenient, as often times (at work, etc). I only prefer to have one headphone in. This is typically inconvenient for most wired headphones.

Fit: I found these were far more comfortable than comparable models and these fit my ear great right out of the box.

Sound: Above average for the price, with full base and pleasant highs.

Connectivity: Yet to lose connection after hours of use; seems to be a very strong connection

Battery: At just a few hours, you'll find yourself charging decently often. Not a deal-breaker unless you plan to use them for many hours a day While I've been using these at work to test them out, I think I'm going to stick to my Smartomi Boots for use at work (longer battery life, easier docking/charging) and use these exclusively as my gym headphones. Overall, I'm very happy with these.