General Questions
Shipping Policy



1. Why should I create an SMARTOMI account?

     A free SMARTOMI account allows you to:

     1. Place and track orders.

     2. Save addresses in your address book.

     3. Receive SMARTOMI prime coupon code.

     4. Have a chance to test SMARTOMI product for free.

     5. Write reviews.


2. What should I do if I want to write off my SMARTOMI account?

     If you want to write off and delete/remove all the personal information that saved on SMARTOMI account, please kindly contact us via support@smartomi.com for the account write off.



1. Products are warranted for one full year from the date of purchase, which products are not being damaged by any man-made factors.

Please follow below process to create a warranty service

1. Login in your SMARTOMI account.

2. Find My Orders and click it to access to the next page.

3. Find the product you are want to have it to be warranty

4. Click Return or Exchange button, and fulfill the relevant information to apply the return or 5. exchange service.

6. When finish the return request, there will be a RMA No. created. And the customer service team will contact you via email to process the return/exchange within 72 hours.

The products will be excluded to the warranty under below situation:

1. Any product that is unable to be provided any purchasing proof or warranty card.

2. Any information such as the purchase date, sale department (stamp valid) is uncompleted or amended.

3. Any man-made damages, includes the malfunction or damage by improper use or using under non-normal working environment.

4. Any defect/damage caused by unauthorized refit, decomposition, re-assembling and repair.

5.Any defect caused by man-made factors or force majeure will be charged maintain fee if they need to maintained. The maintain fee is vary from different product or model No.


2. How do we process the DOA orders?

SMARTOMI guarantees safe delivery of your orders. Any product is defective or damaged when it arrives, we will exchange all damaged/defective items and cover all the shipping charges to customers for return the damaged/defective one

When you find product is defective when it out of box, please email us via support@smartomi.com within 14 days. We will create return label to you for returning the defective/damaged items, and ship a new item to you when our warehouse receive your return.


3. SMARTOMI Money Back Guarantee

If you are not happy with the product, you can kindly return the product with the original package and its’ accessories to our assigned address within 45 calendar days. We will credit back to you after receiving the returned items

NOTE: You may have to bear the shipping fees as the product is not defective or damaged.


The product is excluded to return for Money Back Guarantee under below situation:

     Products must not be altered or modified.

     Raw components and PCB boards cannot be accepted for return after they are installed or soldered.

     Consumables cannot returned once they are opened.

     When returning replacement products, the original (defective or non-functional) unit must also be returned, or a fee may be assessed.

     Batch/wholesale (signified by volume discounts), and customized orders are not covered by this offer.


General Questions:

1. Customer Service Times.

SMARTOMI provides 24/7 friendly customer service, Feel free to call anytime if you have questions about our product or service.


2Review Policy

1. SMARTOMI account member can leave a review on our website.

2. When users submitting the review, our administrator will audit the review in 5 working days. If the review not included any uncivilized wording and malicious slander. We will pass this review and post on website no matter the review is positive or negative.


3. How do I do to add items to my cart if I already checked out a order?

If your order has been checked out and at the status of processing, you can create a new order for other items you want to buy and have the new order checked out, we will pack all the items you ordered and arrange shipment to you together.


4. How do we process the refund?

If you paid by PayPal (Credit Card), we can credit back to your PayPal account or your credit card within 60 days from the purchase date.

If the refund request over 60 days from the order purchased date, we will process refund to you on the manner of SMARTOMI gift card.

 (Remark: PayPal grant seller to issue refund to buyer within 60 days from the original transaction date)


5. In what currency are SMARTOMI prices displayed?

 All price listed on our website are in US dollars.

 If your domestic currency is not US dollars, please note that your credit card issuer or bank has the final decision of the exchange rate. The exchange rates that your bank uses are not controlled by SMARTOMI.

 If you want to know the actual exchange rates, please consult with your credit card issuer or your bank.


6. What language do I enter my information in?

 All information will be shown in English. Information shown in other languages can cause processing delays or packages lose.

 Please note that a native language address is not guaranteed to be used for shipping. The use of such address depends on the policies imposed by specific shipping carriers used for each shipment.

 SMARTOMI is not responsible for any loss and case caused by improper shipping information entry.


7. Which terms of payments are accepted?

 PayPal, please note that PayPal is completely free of charge for users without the hassle of account register and login in.

For more details about PayPal, please search PayPal on Wikipedia and PayPal's website.


8. What should I do if I not receive any order confirmation email after checking out?

If your order has been checked out, our system will send you order confirmation email to notify the status of your order, if you do not receive any email from us, kindly please check your SPAM mailbox to check if the email is there.

If not, kindly please contact us via support@smartomi.com. We will check the status of the order and re-send the confirmation email to you.


9. Order Status:

 Pending: Pending indicates the payment of the order has not completed yet, or indicates the product is out of stock.

 Processing/Processed: This indicates the orders is being processed and will be shipped ASAP.

 Shipped: Orders marked as complete have been invoiced and have shipped.

 Cancelled: Cancelled orders will be existed if orders are cancelled or if the orders have not been paid.

 Completed - Orders marked as completed have fully been invoiced and shipped and signed.



10. How to return a product?

 Items must be returned with original packaging, manuals, all accessories and documents provided by the manufacturer.

 Contact us to get a RMA (return merchandise authorization) ID first to process the first step of return.

 If a product is DOA or shipped incorrectly, SMARTOMI will cover all shipping charges. For all other cases of returns, our staff will quote you the actual shipping costs incurred (the non-refundable portion).

 We will process refund to you in 10 business days as the logistic days of the return will last around 10 days. If you want a replacement after refund, kindly please reorder the item, we will arrange shipment to you once the payment completed. Or you can inform us that you want a replacement instead of refund when you apply the return question.

Restrictions about the Returns:

 If products are been altered or modified, warranty and money back guarantee will be loss efficacy.

 Any customized, volume discount, and/or wholesale orders are not included in the warranty if they are not exist batch defective.

 When returning, we recommend to use a traceable shipping way. SMARTOMI will not be responsible for any items lost with the non-traceable shipping way.

   *Definition of delivery date: for EMS/DHL and some registered airmail packages, the delivery date is displayed on the courier's tracking website. For orders that do not have online delivery dates provided by the courier, the delivery days is assumed to be 21 calendar days after shipment arranged.



1. Will SMARTOMI charge shipping & handling fee?

 All orders ship to the U.S. are free of shipping &handling fee (HI, AK, APO, PR, Guam, etc. excluded).


2. Will SMARTOMI accept international orders?

 Sorry, we only ship the United States currently.


3. Why there is no tracking information with the tracking number?

 SMARTOMI will send shipment notification and tracking numbers as soon as the items leave our warehouse. Tracking numbers will not show any result before carriers scan and update the delivery status of the packages.

 For Express packages, the shipping information will be shown on the tracking page after one business days.

 For airmail packages, the shipping information will be shown on tracking page after 3 business days.


4. How long will be shipment arranged after checking out the order?

 Items that are in stock and orders checked out before 4PM PST usually will be shipped out at the same day. While orders checked out after 4PM PST will be shipped on the following day. Orders checked out after 4PM PST on Friday will be ship on next Monday.

 If some of items are out of stock, if you still want this item, we will arrange partial shipment for those in stock items first. For remain unshipped items, we will arrange shipment once they recover the stock. Or if do not want the items due to the late shipment, you can kindly apply refund for this item.

 (Note: The ETA is the estimated value, we can’t accurate the ETA as there is some force majeure factors during the shipment)

 If the shipment is delayed, we will send email to notify the situation and update the shipping status to you.


5. How do we process the missing and bounced packages?

 If an item is reported as lost or returned to sender by courier, SMARTOMI will send free replacements immediately.


6. What happens if the order is delivered to an address that is entered incorrectly or incompletely?

The courier may also deliver the item to you by some clues of your entered address.

If the package is returned to the sender or losing because of the improper entered address.

There will be 2 options for you for the order handling:

  1. If you still want the items, we can rearrange the shipment to you.
  2. If you want a refund, we can issue refund to you, but we need to deduct 20% of total order amount due to the improper address entered.

(Note: The logistic company will charge the handling fee because the improper address will cause the return, or will not return the shipping charge to us if the item loss due to the improper address. Hence there is 20% of total order amount will be deducted to compensate the handling fee that charged by logistic company)

You can modify your address before the order shipping, you can modify in under your account, , or contact us via support@smartomi.com to adjust the shipping address.


7. What should I do if my package is lost?

Online tracking shows package as "lost"

 Contact us and SMARTOMI will send replacements immediately. 

 Online tracking stop updating the delivery status for a few days (or up to 2 weeks)

 If you have selected USPS first-class or registered airmail, the online tracking usually stop updating when your packages on their way from State to State, or from Province to Province.

 Call the local logistic agency with providing the tracking number, and they will update the delivery status to you.


Here are some of the common contacts for the logistic agency:

Canada (Canada Post): 1-888-550-6333

United States (USPS): 1-800-ASK-USPS (800-275-8777)

United Kingdom (Parcel Force): 08448 00 44 66

 If you have selected Express Package Service, let us know immediately and we will get the issue resolved as soon as we can.


Online tracking stopped updating the delivery status for 2 weeks or more

 Unfortunately the Universal Postal Union(http://www.upu.int/en.html) guidelines instructs that post offices worldwide only accept non-delivery complaints after 30 days of shipping. Thus, Hong Kong Post, USPS, Canada Post, and your local postal system would not accept non-delivery inquiries within 30 days after packages are shipped.

 After the disclaimer of 30 days of non-delivery complaints expired, SMARTOMI will immediately make official inquiries against your local postal system. If packages are confirmed lost, we will send replacements immediately for free.


8. What should I do if the package is short delivery?

 If you find your package is short delivery, kindly please keep the package intact especially the packing list and the products, and contact us via support@smartomi.com, we will clarify the issue as soon as possible and reship the item to you if the package does short delivery.