Do you really know what TWS headphones are?

What are the Bluetooth headphones?

Bluetooth earphones, which are also called wireless headphones in general, work by radio waves instead of wires or cables to connect with cell phone, smartphone or computer. Bluetooth headphones is one of the Bluetooth technology, which is first developed in 1994,got its name from a 10th century Danish King named Harald Bluetooth, who was said to unite disparate, warring regional factions.

Wireless headphones

What are the true wireless headphones?

Compared with normal wireless headphones, true wireless headphones are designed without any wires, not even a wire connecting each in-ear headphone. True wireless headphones offer a truly tangle-free experience that allows people to feel free when they do something at some time.

True wireless headphones

What are the true wireless headphones?

TWS technology, It is connected with the main headphone through smartphone or other devices, and then the main headphone would connect with the slave speaker via a Bluetooth wireless mode connection, to achieve true wireless Bluetooth for left and right channels separated of Bluetooth headphones. The program based on CSR Bluetooth4.0 with dual-mode module development. When not connected to the headphones, the main headphones stereo back monomers. It is no delay, and good sound quality. It is designed to provide customers with stable performance characteristics of high-end Bluetooth loud speaker programs. It needs 2 pcs Bluetooth modules with TWS function to realize it as below.

For TWS headphone, beside it is not wire connection, and the left and right earphone are independent individuals. When two separate headphones near each other, they can match automatically and shift to double channel stereo, which could give you high quality sound. On the other hand, true wireless headphones need not a line to charge, normally, they could directly charge on its built-in high capacity lithium battery box can. You would not worry about the signal problem when using TWS headphones, because there's a 10-meter range of signal. No matter what you do, driving or running, you can just leave your phone and go, which also means you could share music with others.

TWS headphones

According to research of Gartner, in 2017, global wearable equipment sales would up to $310 million, and the market capacity would up to $30.5 billion, Bluetooth headset accounted for nearly half of the 48% of the market. Bluetooth headset will be one of the biggest shipments wearable devices until 2021. We could look forward to development of TWS headphones.