Common fault handling method for Bluetooth Headset

    There are basically four kinds of problems with bluetooth headsets.
    First, bluetooth headsets can't be paired with a phone. The method is to check whether the bluetooth headset is alternately flashing and the flashing frequency of the lamp is normal. Whether the bluetooth function of the mobile phone is turned on, or whether the bluetooth dual-fish sign appears on the phone screen. Match password: "0000", general factory password is this, if not, read the instruction manual.
    Second, bluetooth headsets can't be turned on. The most straightforward reason for this is that the bluetooth headset has no electricity and USES a charger to recharge it.
    Third, it is not normal to give the bluetooth headset when it is charging. The reason is that the bluetooth headset is automatically protected when the battery is used for the first time or the bluetooth headset is not used for a long time. It may take 30 to 90 minutes to get into the normal charging state. So you don't have to worry about whether the charger is broken or what's wrong with the headset.
    Fourth, when the headset is charging, the power indicator is not on. Check whether the charger is connected with AC power plug.
    And one of the things that you care about is how do you get a bluetooth headset that supports two bluetooth phones at the same time?
    In fact, this method is generally summarized as 3 points:
    1. First, put your hands in two cell phones and bluetooth headset pairing, but not to choose connection, let you of the two cell phones are in standby mode (can be seen from the state of the bluetooth icon on the phone).
    2. Answer the phone: in the condition that both phones are in bluetooth, the phone can be automatically transferred to the bluetooth headset when any phone has a call. (except for bluetooth disabled bluetooth phones)
    3. Call the phone: if you want to use one of the bluetooth headphone calls, connect the phone to your bluetooth headset first. Remember not to press the answer button on your bluetooth headset, or your ear will automatically connect to the phone on the back. Disconnected methods: bluetooth headset built-in rechargeable polymer li-ion battery, please charge in the first time to bluetooth headset adequate power, in the phone headset automatically cut off, the first to see if your cell phone signal strength in the secondary above or low battery, then check that the bluetooth headset is low battery shutdown.